My name is Jay Knight and welcome to my website. I am a passionate conservationist, wildlife photographer and tour guide and I have been obsessed with wildlife for as long as I can remember.

Wildlife Tours

Every year I put together a handful of tours to see wildlife in natural habitat around the world. I have a particular passion for finding the wildest spaces that this planet has to offer, and I really love searching for those enigmatic mammals and birds that are super hard to find. Over the years, I have developed a very strong understanding of the wildlife of the UK, Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya, Spain and Poland. If you want to visit these countries with me or simply want some advice about where to go then please get in touch. Otherwise check out my tour page to see what I have got planned in the near future.


A few years ago, I bolstered my passion for wildlife with a first class BSc degree in Wildlife Conservation. Conservation is hugely important for me and I try to help and get involved with as many projects as I have time for, such as voluntary bird surveys for the BTO, bird ringing, and my business EcoSpeed’s carbon offsetting partnership with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

Photography, Video and Drone

My love for photography started as a method to learn birds in countries that I have never been too. I would take as many record shots as possible, then spend hours identifying birds with a bird book. Over time this has developed into a love of photography and my creative side is coming through more and more. I am also very much into Videography and have been making videos for wildlife lodges and Conservation organisations for a number of years. I am also a CAA licensed drone operator and love using this innovative new technology in my photography and video work.

I am always willing to use my skillset to help wildlife, so if you need a video for your conservation organisation then I am happy to help you for free. Please get in touch.